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OĆAR KOPAONIK LTD Brus is a family run business located on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik.

Activities of the organization is cultivation of orchards and fruit processing in the fruit brandies.Tradition and experience of generations of business owners in distilling, over a century old, applied in production, thus ensuring a special quality.

Fruit brandies are natural, without artificial flavors and additives, which is guaranteed by the business owner Dragan Raicevic.

Fruit, mostly from this region are harvested by hand, carefully selected, from fruit are separated seeds, seed, seed lodges and processed in the fruit pulp that, after completion of the fermentation, is distilled in copper pot stills. Such technological process achieves a high quality fruit brandy with a very pleasant taste of fruit.

Confirmation of high quality fruit brandies are numerous awards and medals at international fairs (Novi Sad, Belgrade, Leskovac and Brussels). Starting with 2001. , on aforementioned fairs, the products are awarded with 20 gold and 13 silver medals.

rus Municipality is in central part of Southeast Serbia and it covers an area of ​​600 km2. Brusis a small town located on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik, between rivers Rasina and Graševka  at 510 m above sea level. Known as the Air Spa, Brus is located at the crossroads of Kopaonik, Krusevac, Aleksandrovac Josanicka Banja  and Vrnjačka Banja. It is 250 km from Belgrade.

Bruce Municipality has a rich history, with its numerous cultural and historical monuments, monasteries Lepenac from 15th century, the remains of the monastery from the 14th century in Milentija, the medieval city Koznik, church and shrine Metodje from 3rd century, church of Sts. Transfiguration in Brus from 1836. Brus was witness of not so famous event in Serbian history when King Milan Obrenovic summoned all the kings and princes, then neighboring countries of the Kingdom of Serbia and invited them to a pact against the enemy. This occurred in the building of today's Cultural Center (in the old part of the building). Bruce is also known for its beautiful landscapes, and of course there is great potential for rural tourism. Brus provides different types of therapy. There is the most beneficial mineral water treating rheumatic and skin diseases as well as clean and fresh mountain air. The temperature of the spa water is 22 degrees Celsius.

Brus municipality covers north-eastern slopes of Kopaonik, which is on its main ridge runs down to the Rasina valley and Krusevac valley. It is bordered by Blace, Krusevac, Aleksandrovac, Raska, Leposavici and Kursumlija, which together form a kind of natural surroundings - Kopaonik massif.

Kopaonik (also known as the Silver Mountain) is the highest mountain range in Serbia, which extends from northwest to southeast at the length of about 75 km, reaching the middle of the width of about 40 km. Part of it is a protected area under the name of National Park Kopaonik, within which there are a number of protected natural areas, and it is the largest ski resort in Serbia. Its highest peak is Pančićev vrh at 2017m, where is placed the mausoleum of the famous Serbian naturalist after whom it was named. The entire range is named after the great mineral wealth that is exploited since the Middle Ages, and in its wider area is located a number of cultural and historical monuments dating from the twelfth to the fifteenth century. Thanks to the developed tourist center with modern hotels and related facilities, Kopaonik is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia.

On Kopaonik is the most widespread torn forest-pasture zone of central Serbia. On the higher parts are the coniferous spruce and fir, and on the sides are beech and oak forests.

With neighboring municipalities and beyond is associated with a good network of regional and local roads. Rural roads are Rekovac - Stopanja - Brus – Kursumlija, Krusevac - Blace - Beloljin, Razbojna - Brus - Vrnjacka Banja, Krusevac - Aleksandrovac - Jošanička Banja - Biljanovac, Brzeće - Kopaonik - Jošanička Banja. Distance of Brus from major roads, highways and main roads is as follows: from the highway Belgrade - Nis - 75 km., from the main road Krusevac - Kraljevo - 44km., the main road Kraljevo - Raska - Kosovska Mitrovica - 43 km., from the highway Nis - Pristina - 40 km. The nearest train stations are: Stopanja - 30 km., Beloljin - 40 km. and Krusevac - 50 km. The nearest airport is Niš, located 98 km.

Geographical location, natural and other conditions have left the municipality outside the intensive development issues, which caused the permanent migration of population in other, more developed parts of the country. According to the census of 1948, this area had a population of 35,000 inhabitants, and the 1991 census, 21,327 inhabitants.

As a result of inadequate economic development, agriculture in its primary form , has become the backbone of economic development of the region. Most of the population of the municipality Brus, many as two thirds people live from agriculture. In the municipality area in agricultural production deals some 4,160 farms, which are less oriented to farming, and mostly to fruit growing.

On the other hand, the natural characteristics of the area and lack of industrial development have enabled the production of a fully healthy food because it is ecologically clean area, where traditional mineral fertilizers is very rarely used, and most of the households did not apply herbicides on any culture. This makes this area very suitable for the program, which aims at the production of high quality fruit and fruit in superior quality brandy.

Micro-location of the production program of "VOĆAR KOPAONIK" Ltd is village Strojinci, on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik surrounded by villages Lepenac Igroš, Žilinci, Zlatari, Kovioci and  Dupci.

Fields are under Kopaonik near lake  Celije with a lot of surrounding forests and plenty of sunny days in the spring and summer period as well as the optimal amount of snow and rainfall during the year.

Due to favorable climatic conditions and terrain for the cultivation of fruit, fruit from the area and the area from which the company is purchasing fruit from their subcontractors are characterized by a higher content of sugar that is with an optimal sugar and acid Fruit from these sites also has a higher resistance to disease and a high content of aromatic substance with a distinctive flavor of fruit from these areas


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