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e part of our original ballads. It  is so honest, so mesmerizing and so unique, full of style and elegance.

Participate in it because our offer gives you respect, reputation and appreciation.

In an age of heroism, we are different, in the age of wisdom, we gain the trust as we search for truth and meaning of life.

View the world with our eyes  and your wishes will be fulfilled.



randies, which are subject of the production program of the enterprise "VOĆAR KOPAONIK" Ltd, are clean, crystal clear and colorless, which contributes to the overall visual appeal of brandies. The smell of the fruit brandy is prominent, well-developed, luxurious, clean, and typical of this type of brandies that creates the impression of pleasant, pleasing and complex bouquet.

Taste is definitely the most important parameter of the quality of fruit brandies. Even greater impression may be gained when tasting brandies that are very full, harmonious, symmetrical, rounded and very drinkable with a distinctive fruit flavor.

OĆAR KOPAONIK LTD Brus is a family run business located on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik.
Activities of the organization is cultivation of orchards and fruit processing in the fruit brandies.Tradition and experience of generations of business owners in distilling, over a century old, applied in production, thus ensuring a special quality.

Fruit brandies are natural, without artificial flavors and additives, which is guaranteed by the business owner Dragan Raicevic.

Fruit, mostly from this region are harvested by hand, carefully selected, from fruit are separated seeds, seed, seed lodges and processed in the fruit pulp that, after completion of the fermentation, is distilled in copper pot stills. Such technological process achieves a high quality fruit brandy with a very pleasant taste of fruit.

Confirmation of high quality fruit brandies are numerous awards and medals at international fairs (Novi Sad, Belgrade, Leskovac and Brussels). Starting with 2001. , on aforementioned fairs, the products are awarded with 20 gold and 13 silver medals.

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irst of all, our great desire to share our brandy with others, but also plenty of well-organized exhibitions and competitions attracted us that with our product go out into the public sphere. Years of tradition and experience behind us are accompanied by such events where we attended , shared our experiences with you, and of course and  a few glasses.

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  variety of exhibitions and events organized in our country and abroad, and many successes of our spirits on them, just from year to year kept us in this business. It was the biggest incentive to maintain the quality of our spirits that with merits brought numerous medals.

Medals and awards...


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